About FCAM

FCAM, LLC. is Florida's premier community association management company. FCAM, LLC. is unique because it combines the services of a traditional community management company with the legal services normally performed by independent legal counsel at one low flat-rate. It is able to do this because its founder and managing member, Brian Buchert of The Law Office of Brian P. Buchert, P.A., is licensed as an attorney and community association manager in the State of Florida.

Community Association Management

Community association management companies assist the directors and officers manage the day to day operations of their communities. They provide traditional services such as supervising and negotiating with vendors (insurance, landscapers, pool maintenance, etc.), performing on-site inspections of the property, helping set-up and maintain monthly and yearly budgets, assisting with calculating necessary reserve amounts, and preparing or assisting with the preparation of monthly financial statements, as well as numerous other services.

Legal Counsel

Traditionally, associations also hire an attorney who provides legal advice, interprets the governing documents, and drafts amendments to the governing documents. Sometimes the attorney will also attend Board and Member meetings, guide the Board on policy issues, and assist with assessment collections by sending demand letters and filing liens on property. Of course, the attorney charges for all of these services at his or her normal hourly rate.

Together as One

FCAM, LLC. combines these two roles into one company and provides the services at a low flat rate. By doing this, FCAM, LLC. is able to reduce management and attorney's fees. Our clients have found that FCAM, LLC. is able to provide more services at a lower rate than its community association management competitors. Our clients also love that we have gotten rid of the high hourly rate charged by the majority of attorneys. As a director or officer, imagine having the freedom to call your attorney with any legal matter pertaining to your community and not have to worry about being charged by the minute. Associations no longer have to sacrifice sound legal advice in order to keep their budget low because FCAM, LLC. employs in-house legal counsel, The Law Office of Brian P. Buchert, P.A.

FCAM, LLC. also specializes in the transition of property from developer control to condominium association or homeowners' association control. Our knowledge of this process helps the transition of control flow smoothly and can protect the developer and association from future liability.